What is NexGen?

Who Are NexGen Members?
Individuals 36 years old and under who are active in the financial planning profession.

Mission Statement
NexGen is intended to be a community of the next generation of financial planners.

Vision Statement
To ensure the transference of wisdom, tradition and integrity, from the pioneers of financial planning to the next generation of our profession

NexGen strives to provide members with a network that serves to:

  • Support, advise and encourage one another in our professional advancement 
  • Promote, foster and direct programs that aid in knowledge transference 
  • Explore issues common to younger planners and seek means of accentuating the positives and finding resolutions for the negatives

NexGen Events

Check back for new events coming soon.


Meet Your NexGen Director

Bridget McDermott is currently serving at the NexGen Director on the FPA of Charlotte Board.  She is happy to answer any questions you have about NexGen or FPA membership.